About Us

The Art Village was established in 2009 in Versailles, KY.   Since that time we have grown by holding two or three art events every year.  And we have been very happy to see the community responding positively.  2018 was our 10th annual Art in the Park event.

This year we tried and are trying some new ideas.  The ideas are great and will help unite all the communities in Woodford County.  Some of these ideas came from people in the arts, some came from people who enjoy art, and some came from the business community.  This diversity says that Woodford County likes and supports the Arts.

We are always reaching out to the community and would like to have more input from all sectors of the community.  If you have time to volunteer at any of our events, please contact us–  artintheparkversailles@gmail.com   You do not have to be “an artist” to have ideas, skills, and the ability to help.

The five houses of our logo show how broadly we define and support ART.

We are The Art Village because all arts reside with all other arts.

The blue, orange, purple, and pink houses in our logo cover everything from traditional fine art to music to crafts to writing to sewing to cooking to visual imaging.   The largest house in our logo, green, covers all of the ways clever, artistic people are using recycled material–a very modern and very needed art.